Business processes get work done; they execute strategy. Therefore, we must manage and improve them for optimum performance.

Every organization produces and delivers value to its customers and other stakeholders through collaboration across the organization. These end-to-end or cross-functional processes are the only way products, services, and experiences can be delivered, the only way value is exchanged, the only way strategy is executed.

My vision is a world of organizations using effective process-based management to continually reap performance improvements, create superior business agility, and develop enhanced resilience. The videos in this channel provide clear, actionable insights in to how to make that happen in a controlled, targeted, and low-risk way.

I can’t change the whole world, but I can help change your part of it. My clients ask me to help define, implement, and sustain a process-based management environment that works.

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An introduction to TregearBPM methodology and vision.


28 videos

Putting process at the center of business management.

Process Support

9 videos

Providing support to develop, sustain and realize the benefits of process-based management.

Process Capability

14 videos Developing tools and skills required throughout the organization to identify, analyze, improve, and manage business processes.

Process Mindset

18 videos

Creating an environment where the organization, its people, and their teams are always conscious of the processes in which they participate.

Process Change

12 videos

Continuously discovering processes that can perform better and finding ways to close the performance gaps.

Process Governance

27 videos

Responding to process measurement data by taking appropriate action to address actual or emergent performance anomalies or opportunities.

Process Measurement

19 videos

Defining process performance measures and measurement methods, collecting and reporting performance data.

Process Architecture

11 videos

Discovery, understanding and documentation of the organization’s processes in a hierarchical model.

Process Insights

40 videos

Short videos on designing, implementing, and sustaining effective process-based management to improve organizational performance.