Handbook on Business Process Management

The Handbook on Business Process Management is a two-volume compendium of papers covering the wide expanse of the theory and practice of process.

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This Handbook presents in two volumes the contemporary body of knowledge as articulated by the world’s leading BPM thought leaders. This second volume focuses on the managerial and organizational challenges of BPM such as strategic and cultural alignment, governance and the education of BPM stakeholders.

Roger Tregear’s chapter, titled Business Process Standardization, addresses the complex of issues around process standardization within single organizations and across groups of organizations, in both local and dispersed locations.

A global BPM framework is described that facilitates management of the conflicting demands of standardization for global efficiency versus variation for local effectiveness.

The framework provides a solid basis for modeling, communicating, analyzing, testing, proving, controlling, and managing the potential costs and benefits of global consistency versus local relevance.


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