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The key elements of effective process-based management.



This book provides a portal into a significant body of knowledge about Roger’s proven approach to process-based management. The elements described are the tools, approaches, and constructs that efficiently and safely improve and sustain organizational performance.

They define the pieces of the puzzle, the components of the system, that come together to create a practical method for incremental, safe, and self-supporting operation of process-based management in any organization.

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2 reviews for Elements

  1. Bassam AlKharashi

    Roger Tregear’s “Elements” is a comprehensive guide that serves as an essential roadmap for professionals and organizations keen on mastering the art of process management. It provides a thorough exploration of process-based management through twenty key elements, offering innovative frameworks and practical tools for organizational improvement. It’s essential for professionals seeking to optimize processes, with actionable insights into measurement, governance, and strategic alignment. A must-read for enhancing operational effectiveness and driving business success.

    • Roger Tregear

      Thanks Bassam. It’s been important to have your insights and guidance over these 18 years we’ve worked on process management together. (18 years since you walked into my classroom in Sydney!)

  2. Hassan Alhumaidan

    Roger always has one more masterpiece up his sleeve, “Elements” is his latest. I’ve spent the past week going through BPM’s box of chocolates (my favorite? E16 ?). I liked the nonsequential order of the elements. It’s like something from a Nolan’s movie. This format engages readers who usually break content into short and focused reading intervals. “Elements” is an essential toolkit for BPM professionals.

    • Roger Tregear

      Thanks Hassan. I like the idea of a box of chocolates – of course, this is a never-ending box that keeps on giving!

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