My Processes

I am an evangelist for effective process-based management. In my working life I am continually talking, advising, presenting, and writing about the benefits of, and ways to achieve and sustain, process-based management.

It would be reasonable to ask, therefore, if I am also doing process-based management! Yes, I am.

Starting with strategy …


A world of organizations continually reaping and sustaining performance improvements, superior business agility, and enhanced strategic clarity from effective process-based management.


Through training, coaching, and advisory services, informed by research and experience, I enable clients to persistently discover, improve, and manage the business processes that create, accumulate, and deliver value to their customers and other stakeholders.

I derive from that strategy my highest-level core process: Improve organizational performance. Then decomposing the core processes and considering shared management and supporting processes, we come to this high-level view of the process architecture that shapes my work and delivers on my strategic promises.

Process Architecture | TregearBPM

Notes on my architecture

  • My organization is just me, and yes, I do find process architecture useful to structure, measure, and improve the way I execute my strategic intent. Process-based management is important for every organization.

  • I characterize my single highest-level core process as Improve organizational performance. I work with client organizations to help them improve and sustain their performance. That level 0 (L0) process decomposes into three L1 processes: Enhance client capability, Embed process-based management, and Create & apply knowledge. Based on targeted research and development, I help clients to understand, implement, and sustain process-based management, and to be able to objectively measure realized benefits and to continuously improve.

  • My simple organization requires only a simple subset of the shared management and support process reference set that I bring to every client assignment.

Let’s talk about how you can implement processed-based management to help you objectively measure realized benefits and to continuously improve.

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