These are the key elements of effective process-based management that shape my work.

19 elements shape my approach to process-based management.

These elements define the pieces of the puzzle, the components of the system, that come together to create a practical method for incremental, safe, and self-supporting operation of the process-based management that delivers optimization of organizational performance.

I wrote a book about these Elements (March 2024). In its 220 pages this book discusses the 19 elements plus a 20th Mystery Element.

Elements | Roger Tregear

From the Foreword by Dan O’Neill

As a Chief Process Officer and from leading largescale Financial Services Operations divisions, I’ve benefited from Roger’s insights and have seen firsthand the positive impact they have in resolving everyday business and customer issues.

This book … should be on the shelf of every business process management professional and contemporary business leader.”

This book provides practical insights and tools for the development of sustained process-based management. Think of it as a toolbox and a portal, providing powerful tools for effective and sustained process-based management.

“What’s the process life all about?

First and foremost, it is about the reality that the systemic management and improvement of the important processes of organizational life is the primary mode of both strategy execution and performance improvement.”

Roger Tregear

The Elements

  1. Primacy of Process
  2. Cross-Functional Value Delivery
  3. Tregear Circles
  4. Process Performance
  5. 7Enablers of BPM
  6. Enterprise Process Architecture
  7. Process Governance
  8. Process Owner
  9. Process Management Record
  10. Office of BPM
  11. The Process of Process
  12. Process KPIs
  13. Process Behavior Chart
  14. Process Prioritization Pyramid
  15. Context Diagram
  16. SprintPIP
  17. Capability Development Plan
  18. Process Performance Management
  19. Strategy & Process Matrix
  20. Missing Element
The Elements Matrix | Roger Tregear | TregearBPM

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