Reimagining Management provides a straightforward, practical explanation of the theory, practice, and benefits of process-based management. It introduces the concepts of 7Enablers and Tregear Circles as part of a practical framework for the positive and controlled evolution of management practice; an approach to management that focuses on creation, accumulation, and delivery of value to customers and other stakeholders.

Reviewers from across the globe have praised Reimagining Management as a ‘superb reference book that shows how to establish and implement BPM in any organization’ and a ‘modern classic for the BPM space!’ The breakthrough impact of the book has been recognized in review comments such as: ‘Roger has unlocked the mystery of business process management’, and ‘Reimagining Management defines the missing link’, and finally ‘This book is a must for any leader wanting to reframe, enrich, and refocus management to get different results.’