About My Work

I support BPM teams. I coach executives and managers. I teach. I implement process-based management. I improve existing operations. I build capability.

Roger Tregear | TregearBPM

Roger Tregear, Principal Advisor

I spend my working life talking, consulting, thinking, presenting, and writing about the analysis, innovation, improvement, and management of business processes.

Often working as a ‘thinking partner’ and mentor, I provide business process and problem analysis consulting services. 43 years’ experience as a business, management and IT consultant means that I have well-developed insight into business improvement and problem resolution.

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What my clients say …

Education Seminars | Roger Tregear | TregearBPM
Architecture Development Wall | Roger Tregear | TregearBPM

It all started when …

I first became aware there was something called business process management (BPM) about 25 years ago when I was dragged to a presentation by Prof Michael Rosemann. As Michael spoke about process management, improvement, and modelling, I realized that what I had been doing for the last 10 years had a name.

Since that serendipitous event, I’ve done little else in my professional life except explore the concepts and realities of BPM, or as I now prefer to call it, process-based management — a management philosophy aimed at the achievement of sustained operational excellence in the execution of organizational strategy.

My experience in many organizations, countries, and national cultures brings me to a core principle, the Primacy of Process. From this comes the Tregear Circles, and the 7Enablers of BPM that enable the circles to turn. Together these form a metamodel for contemporary management that is practical, scalable, sustainable, and controlled.

I am an independent consultant. My working life involves talking, consulting, thinking, and writing about analysis, improvement, and management of business processes. I help small and large organizations understand the potential, and realize the practical benefits, of process-centric thinking and management.

Working with clients around the world, I provide a wide range of process-based management services:

  • Education seminars
  • Executive briefings
  • BPM maturity assessments
  • Documentation of process architectures
  • Establishment of process governance
  • Process mentoring & coaching
  • Process improvement
  • Implementation of process support
  • Development of process-aware culture
  • Process performance measurement
  • Process management reviews
  • Conference presentations
  • Conference panel design & chairing
  • Commissioned writing
Conference Speaking | Roger Tregear | TregearBPM
Opinions of Gurus Panel | Roger Tregear | TregearBPM

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