I simplify complexity.

I remove roadblocks.

I improve management.

I help clients around the world discover, document, and improve the business processes that create, accumulate, and deliver value to their customers and other stakeholders

Roger Tregear | TregearBPM

How I can help you and your organization

I help small and large organizations to understand the potential, and realize the practical benefits, of process thinking and management. I support BPM teams. I coach executives and managers. I teach. I implement process-based management. I improve existing operations. I build capability.

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The theory supporting my practice

20 years of working with business processes has allowed me to develop and prove a sound theoretical basis for effective and sustained process-based management practice. Three fundamental elements for the basis of the body of knowledge I call Active Process Management. These are: the Primacy of Process, the Tregear Circles, and the 7Enablers of BPM.

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"Charismatic, approachable subject matter expert"

What my work involves

My work involves talking, consulting, thinking, presenting, and writing about analysis, innovation, improvement, and management of business processes, ie, about sustained high performance of organizations.

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My typical clients

My clients are a diverse group from many industry sectors, different national cultures, a variety of sizes, and with a variety of strategic and operational drivers. In all of that difference they are united in a desire to improve and sustain organizational performance.

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"I would like to acknowledge Roger Tregear's outstanding contribution"

Where I work

My clients take me to many places, organization types, and national cultures. I have delivered courses, run workshops, chaired conferences, and completed consulting assignments in Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Iran, Jordan, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, UK, and the USA.

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A global partnership

Working with many clients for two decades across 15 countries has allowed me to build a global network of partners who form an extraordinary body of diverse experience and expertise.

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